Dear Readers,

One week into 2011 and what an exciting year it’s already been here in dusty ole’ Slaton, Texas. As many may already know, this year marks the centennial of Slaton’s existence as a town and member’s of the community have been busy planning a Texas size celebration for this 100-year-old small town!
Here at The Slatonite (a newspaper that’s also turning 100-years-old this year), we have been putting together stories that reflect the community at large. Diverse tales that show the spirit of the people who helped settle this little piece of the Wild West.
With that, I am excited to announce that there is a book in the works that is scheduled to be released in July (just in time for the planned celebrations).
The History Press, a national publishing house that specializes in local histories, have selected this blog, and other articles of mine written in The Slatonite, for their American Chronicle Book Series. The History Press is one of the best publishers of local histories in the nation and it is an honor, not only to have my work selected for an upcoming book, but for the City of Slaton to be highlighted in such a positive way.
I do hope that the many of you who have enjoyed my blog and those who read my articles in the newspaper and in Texas Escapes Magazine, continue to do so. Thank you all so much for the support and I hope to continue writing Slaton’s history in way that enlightens, inspires and educates.
James Villanueva

Slaton 1911


About slatontx

The ramblings of one of the few remaining small town newspaper reporters left in the world!
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1 Response to Dear Readers,

  1. Tony Privett says:

    Great work, James! I’m enjoying each one.

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